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Apparently I woke up a 7am the other morning and had a conversation with my husband about how I was going to dye, then promptly fell back asleep. I don’t recall this conversation at all, but it certainly doesn’t surprise me one bit because I’m a tad bit dyeing obsessed. When I did wake I got busy dyeing up 2lbs of various wools for a mini shop update though. I was probably planning what I was going to do in my sleep.
At one point yesterday I had Romney drying next to Wensleydale which was hanging next to Falkland (lovely lovely Falkland *swoon*) next to Corriedale. Wool heaven? I was in it.

I did 3 new colour ways on 3 new fibers, and one previously done colourway that I enjoyed a bunch. Care to see? 2 braids available of each!

First up is Forest Gnome  (browns, greens, hints of purple) on Corriedale

Teddy Bear Parade (persimmon, pink, pecan) on Romney. Romney is a great all purpose wool that is easy to spin and perfect for new and experienced spinners.

Caliente (cayenne red, maroon, hints of butter yellow) on Wensleydale. Wensleydale is a long staple fiber which is sometimes called the wool mohair because of its wavy, durable and silky nature.

Last, but my absolutely favorite fiber right now, is Crown Jewels (amethyst pinks, hints of purple, royal navy and bits of turquoise) on Falkland. Falkland is a dream, DREAM. If I shut my eyes and touched a bunch of wools I could easily mistake this for merino in softness and fluffyness- but it’s much easier to spin and the best part? Eco friendly!

*touches it again*
I’m glad I have much more of these wools to dye yet, it was fun playing kitchen chemist mixing new dye colours (I like to make things my own. Hint of this, dash of that) together and working with new wools to boot.
What is your favorite wool to spin?

Now I get to label!

“Dear Gnomey, Why the green thread on some braids?” 
-It helps me keep braid 1 and 2 straight when I have multiples of each colourway. The braid in the photo is the braid you get (hand painting varies and you can get one with more of a certain colour etc.), and I’d hate to get them mixed up!

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