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I may not have time to play World of Warcraft anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fond memories and excitement over a new expansion. The draw to play again has hit me *hard* but I’m really proud of myself for resisting. This is the *first* time since the game launch (I played from day 1, and even before. I had a little pink haired gnome mage in the beta.) that I haven’t been up late installing and leveling like a mad woman.
Right. Resisting. I miss my Bloodstorm Elites guild friends (most are some of the best people you can meet in game! If you’re looking to get into a Horde raiding guild on Dalaran, give them a boo), but I know that if I played again I wouldn’t be able to focus on my love of fiber and dyeing. Something always has to give eh?
I may be resisting, but I still wanted to show a bit of love to World of Warcraft by making a line of WoW inspired kettle dyed fibers! You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the colours, you can always rename them when you get them home if Ironforge or Durotar isn’t your thing. 😉

This was one of my personal new favorites Ragnaros on Wensleydale. It reminds me of a flickering flame as it goes from goldy yellow to a burnt orange.  Imagine my surprise when I was contacted to recreate this colourway on Falkland! Yummy. It was a fun experiment and with the exact same dye mix to fiber proportion, but on a different fiber type. The different is subtle, but noticeable for sure.

Ragnaros on Falkland is more orange, less gold with the soft eco loveliness of Falkland. Top is spoken for, the bottom two are reseved.
My other favorite colourway was Ironforge. I’m a sucker for a good grey/silver.

Ironforge on Wensleydale I loved it so much I decided to do the Falkland experiment with this colourway as well.

 Ironforge on Falkland. Bit more subtle in the greys, but that could also be from the kettle dyeing.
Okay, less talking and more sharing eh? I’ll just post pictures with links.

 Draenei on Corriedale. An electric blue with pink hints throughout. (There is 8oz of this.)

 Ashenvale on Falkland. Yummy mossy green tones.

 Durotar on Falkland Maybe I was reaching with this name, but as I played a Tauren Druid I needed a bit of horde representation and the colours made me think of the Troll starting zone.

 Netherweave Cloth on Corriedale (8oz of this available) Tulip pink to a deep amethyst pink.

 Voidwalker on Romney Dark navy to light navy blue.

Death Knight on Romney was going to go back into the dyepot. My first thought when it was dry was “Well, that’s not what I expected.” But my husband was instantly in love and said I should give it a chance. Maroon to pinkish red with bits of brown here and there. Death Knight is an acquired taste, just like the class itself.


Comments on: "My Geek Flag is Flying High: World of Warcraft Inspired Colourways" (1)

  1. As always I love those blues! Dranei and the Voidwalker are gorgeous! But I love the Ashenvale too!!! LOVELY work!!

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