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The Silver Pumpkin

If you’re new to my blog one of the things I really like doing is finding cool small shops and recommending them to others. It’s a huge internet after all, and I love hearing about great people with wonderful items.

Today’s shop focus is on The Silver Pumpkin 

Faye is a wonderful person with lovely communication and a great eye for fun and girlie fabrics which she then uses to create beautifully constructed sock bags and needle cases. I love how she finds great fabrics and then matches them with a different pattern to make something completely unique and fun. I personally have a needle case (In Olivia fabric), one of her lavender satchels (They smell lovely! I keep one in my roving storage and it gives a faint hint of scent without being over powering) and a sock bag in her batty fabric.
Beyond just being a huge fan of her fabric choices, one of the first things I noticed when I received my needle case was the quality of her craftsmanship. The fabric is nice and sturdy and despite months of use I’ve had zero issues with the snaps, stitching, durability etc.

Enough of my gushing eh? Let’s let Faye’s photos talk for themselves:

All photos are used with permission and come from The Silver Pumpkin

Above is her dpn/crochet hook case. I use my Olivia version to hold all my crochet hooks, yarn needles, and all the various other bit and bobs I use on a regular basis as I knit a project. It’s all loaded up and I just pop it into my project bag when I head out, or even move to a new room.

 Needle Traveler- Circs. (In the batty fabric I fell hard for and had to have the sock bag.) is great for organising your circular needles and keeping them handy. See?

(I adore the flowers with the polka dots!)

 The Sock bag! (This one is the Amy Butler Love version.) I can’t say enough about how much I cherish mine. I’m planning on casting on some socks after my sweater and this sure as heck beats the little fabric bag I had been using for my socks- by far! It’s big enough that you can fit two socks and your yarn and needles, or a scarf project, hat project, gloves etc. I like that it isn’t a solid case so I can put it in my bag when I’m heading out of the house and it doesn’t take up more room than it needs to, and I don’t have to fuss with zippers getting caught on my project.

 I can’t help but gush about her fabric pairings. I went with the Batty bag but this one was high on my want list as well. (Star Dot Sock Bag)

I had to add the Batty sock bag, despite it not being up on her site anymore, because I love mine to bits. I’m not a very girlie girl, but I still like having something fun and slightly girlie at the same time. They’re bats, but they’re fun bats! (and it matches my black namaste bag- bonus!)
Lovely lovely! (And I just realised I said “love” about a kabillion times in this post. I’m enthusiastic, what can I say?)

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