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Some days I feel like I walked down the fiber arts road and took every single possible detour that turned up. It may seem over kill to knit, crochet, spin, (learning to) weave, and dye- but honestly for an ADD person like myself it is perfect. Just when I find myself getting bored of knitting, I decide to spin, and when I don’t feel the urge to spin I work a bit more on some project or other.
Even just beyond my ever shifting attention span, I love being able to start with raw fiber that I dyed myself, spun up into a yarn and then knit into an item or (hopefully soon) weave into something cool. Do you do multiple fiber arts activities? Which ones do you do? I’d love to get to know more about the people who read my blog, I know you’re out there! I need to find a way to better reply to comments though (they just look like a new comment instead of a response.). I appreciate every single one!

You’d think for all the fiber crafts I do that I’d have more laying about the house, but they leave just as soon as they’re finished most of the time. Here’s my current projects on the go though!

I’ve been back on a sock knitting kick since I learned how to knit 2 at a time Toe up. I never want to knit another sock on dpns again. Be gone Second Sock Syndrome! I didn’t actually like any of the patterns in that book, so I cast on the Rosebud Socks from Toe Up Socks For Everybody by Wendy Knits. I bow to her sock pattern skills. I have knit quite a few of her socks and love every single one. It seems a bit silly now that I purchased the 2 at a time Toe Up book to learn 2 at a time. I don’t like anything in it, and only used it for the cast on and heel parts- even then only to confirm my assumptions of what to do. Ah well, hazard of buying things off the internet is you can’t see it in advance.

They’re kind of floppy without blockers, but you get the point. I’m almost done with my next socks already picked out. I fell in love with Cookie A’s Marlene Socks the minute I saw them in a magazine, and they made me want to learn how to knit socks. Now I’m more than ready to knit a pair for myself. The Rosebud yarn is KP palette in edamame. It’s a workhorse fingering weight that I find to be a bit on the light side, but makes great sturdy socks. You can also get a ton of it before hitting the $50 free shipping, I know this from experience. If you’re interested in sock knitting and don’t have a bunch of money to spend on yarn $1.99 a ball goes a long way.

Then my copy of Knit.Sock.Love by Cookie A arrived and I’m sock obsessed now. Have you seen her newest book yet? It’s like a sock coffee table book! The pictures are amazing and the socks are just as great. One of the patterns is even shown in an abandoned building! Now that grabbed my attention. (I may not have mentioned it here, but I’m an urban decay addict. I find it beautiful and interesting.)
I’m an admitted toe up sock knitting junky, but I will gladly knit up some of Cookie’s socks cuff down. I still wish she’d put out a toe up book though! *nudge nudge*

Last night I took a sock knitting break to spin up 4oz of Falkland wool handpainted by Pumpkinhaus
This is Super Ghoul
235 yards of worsted weight 2 ply yarn

And… weaving still continues I promise! It’s been on the back burner because I ordered myself a pickup stick. Then I decided to order myself an actual book on Rigid Heddle weaving (which would have been smart in the beginning). But I figure the best place to learn new techniques is on my learning warp, so socks have taken over in the meanwhile. Now my pickup stick is here but I’m waiting on the book. It’ll happen when it happens 🙂 Maybe once I have a few socks out of my system?


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  1. Yes, I do multiple fibre activities…weaving is my first passion and I use beads to accessorize. (I have three looms)Dyeing was next to create my own colour ways and painted silk scarves.I have an inkle loom for making bands.I have weaving cards for making complex bands. Very old weaving art form!Making bobbin lace was to help embellish linens I had woven (edgings on pillow cases etc)Spinning is more for relaxation but eventually I'll have to do something with my yarns!I've done cross stitch and other embroidery techniques but now my 'older eyes' have put a stop to that.I have tried lucet cord making but find it too repetitious.I have a marudai for Japanese cord making and would like to do more of this. It makes drop dead gorgeous cords !Finally crochet and knitting are things I try from time to time with little success, but I don't give up!I have tried felting but it simpply doesn't inspire me. I like things to flow, over be board like!I have an old fashioned tatting tool that I would like to try out. I like the idea of small handwork project that fits in my purse!I'm sure there is something I have forgotten…:) weever

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