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I’ve been collecting all sorts of interesting fibers to dye and put into batts lately. Small dyeing batches and the like so I have a bunch  of things on hand to mix and match when inspiration calls. One fiber I ordered and have absolutely fallen in love with is Pulled Recycled Sari silk.

Fiesta (4oz between 2 batts. Hand dyed BFL, Romney, Merino and sari silk) See the pops of colour? It’s all throughout both batts. When you spin they’ll get encased by the wool and just.. jazz up your yarn.

*swoon* I’m loving everything about it so far! It’s specs and pieces of saris from India (mine is from internationalfleeces of course, but Talia sourced it from India) and it’s just gorgeous and chaotic pretty! From sprinkling it into batts to the actual spinning process where you gets all the various bits and bobs as you draft out the fiber. It’s fun seeing what colour and texture they add to your yarn!
If you want to actually learn more about Sari silk, and not just hear me gush about it- there is a bit about the Pulled Recycled Sari Silk I use here.

I even added in a bit to this new batt to break up some of the darker colours. I envision it spinning up almost tweedy with the bits caught in the middle:

Burns Bog (3.95 oz between 2 batts. hand dyed Blue face leicester, border leicester, merino, kid mohair and sari silk.)

I’ll be having more Sari silk batt fun very soon, I just can’t guarantee I won’t keep them all to myself. Fiesta wants me to spin it so bad I can practically hear it screaming at me from the office.

More Alpaca made it into the shop. This time it’s baby alpaca! I went a bit pink nuts, and continued on with my bright obsession with this first braid:

Meet Gossip! She’s a flirty girlie girl who is super soft, 100% baby alpaca and jazzy with a pop of turquoise. I can already envision how the yarn spun from this will look, and it’s bound to be perfect for an awesome hat, cowl or fingerless mitts. Couldn’t you imagine a wild shawl as well? Mmmm.. alpaca.

I couldn’t decide between the Fiesta Batt and this next alpaca braid as my favorite this week though:

Serendipity  (100% baby alpaca) is calmer than Gossip by a landslide, with soft pink, mauve and tones of grey. It’s soothing and quietly pretty, as opposed to her bright and loud sister braid.

Oh and Tardis? There is some of that in the shop too! 2 braids are even still there! Tardis 2 and Tardis 4 still on the same amazing new blue face leicester as the last batch.

I’m continuing my sock knitting kick. I finished the Rosebuds and now I’m working away on a pair of men’s socks in a gorgeous blue (Winter Night KP Gloss). I snapped a 2.5mm (size 1.5) 47″ circ needle from Knitpicks last night. I’ve never broken a needle before, and it looks like it broke along the wood grain in this instance. It was annoying, but easily remedied by Knitpicks amazing customer service. I called, asked if they still did replacements- and voila! New needle is on it’s way.
Good customer service is such a day maker eh?

What are you working on? 

Just 3 days until I draw for the free Angora. I can’t believe the amount of people who have dropped by and left a comment, or sent me an e-mail. Thank-you for your interest! I’ve been writing everyone’s name down and keeping track so it’s all really fair. Promise!


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  1. This is all just too pretty. I am swooning. Just followed you on Twitter and had to stop by your blog to say hi. Didn't think you were going to make me almost faint like that. 🙂

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