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I’ve slowly been collecting photos of customers’ (and friends!) finished items created from Dyeing For Ewe fiber/yarn. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you this post makes me GIDDY. So many awesome projects.
When I dye I usually have an idea of how I envision it turning out, but the end products I’ve seen are always better than I could have imagined.
Okay enough gushing. Time for pictures! Only the spinning wheel bag is my own photo.

 Caliente on Wensleydale Handspun by Sarah of Valentine Arts

 Tardis on Blue Face Leicester spun by Sarah of Valentine Arts

 Vertigo on Corriedale spun by Sarah of Valentine Arts

Wild Child on Wensleydale spun by Sarah of Valentine Arts

 Frida Batt spun by Ashurbadaktu. Her project page on Ravelry shows how she used the batt to experiment with different spinning techniques and how each changed the outcome of the finished yarn. Very cool!

 Grandma May on Superfine Alpaca spun by Talia of Internationalfleeces.com Single and 2 ply. Love!!

 Something Wicked This Way Comes handspun corriedale yarn, knit into a baby sweater by Jessica. Adorable! She also knit some mittens out of Willy Wonka, but I’m having a hard time finding the photo at the moment.
Edit: Willy Wonka Mittens!

Purple Plum hand painted tonal yarn knit into Knotty Gloves by Kim. I think she chose the perfect pattern for this fingering weight merino with its gradual colour changes.

 Rainbow on Falkland with some of her own hand dyeing at the edges to form clouds spun (and being knit into a Dorothy Shawl) by Dagny of Jenny Pie Productions I’m obsessed with watching the progress on this shawl to be honest. It even has its own thread in the Ravelry group.

 Cowly Scarf with edging spun from Rocketpop on Blue Face Leicester by Dagny of Jenny Pie Productions

Slither on Corriedale spun by Dagny of Jenny Pie Productions

 Chocolate Covered Cherries on Corriedale spun by Dagny of Jenny Pie Productions

 Honey Mittens spun from Banana Bread on Corriedale and knit into lovely mittens by Dagny of Jenny Pie Productions

Spinning Wheel bag handspun by me from Crushed Violets on corriedale, knit and then felted into this cute bag that now lives on a Schacht Matchless owned by Weeverwoman.

Last but not least? The adorable Caitirin of Fateful Fiber showing me she liked receiving her package of 8oz Wishing Well on Corriedale and 8oz Lazy Day on Corriedale.

I can’t wait to get more photos and make another one of these posts. Thank-you to everyone for allowing me to use your pictures and sharing your wonderful work!


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  1. *LAUGHS* I love it!!

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