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Quickie Wensleydale Updates!

The blog has a spiffy new address so feel free to change your bookmark if you’re so inclined.
It will still lead you to this treasure trove of babbling, fiber and useful links to the various places you can find Dyeing For Ewe on the web (Up in the right hand corner there.) But eventually I’d like a big girl website. Baby steps!

Just a small update this week as my best friend is visiting from Canada. I hope you like the Wensleydale yarn and hand painted fiber.
Have you spun Wensleydale yet? I couldn’t have had more fun. The long staple makes it an enjoyable easy spin, and the fuzzy halo, strength, durability and lovely sheen creates a unique yarn. It appears to have zero elasticity, and I wouldn’t want it next to my skin for long periods of time.

Have you seen that meme about how movie posters lately have been running rampant in their use of blue and orange? I’ll poke around and see if I can find it, but that is what inspired the name of my handspun Wensleydale yarn this week:

Movie Poster 144yards of DK weight/light worsted Wensleydale yarn hand painted as top and then handspun into a 2 ply yarn

If you’d rather experience the fun of Wensleydale yourself I did just add one braid of hand painted Wensleydale top with tons of colours. Blue, red, black, grey and purple, with pops of white in a sporadic hand paint I’ve named Morticia. Spun up all those colours should make a great moody yarn.



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