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2 weeks until the Move!

(***Disclaimer. There aren’t any fibery photos in this post. I’m still knitting lots, and finished the giant granny square blanket, but they’ll have to be for a future post. This is all moving glee***)

We’re hitting the home stretch now! 2 weeks from this exact moment we’ll be on the road driving from the middle of North Carolina up to the southern coast of Maine. I’ll hopefully be driving our Corolla with Odin (Hubby will have another vehicle with Junebug and Loki), either singing along loudly to music or listening to an audio book (which ever will keep me awake, since 2 weeks from this exact moment I’ll have been driving for quite a few hours.)

Every time I ask my husband questions about the house he says “Trust me, you’re going to love it. I promise.” and then I go about my merry way cleaning out a closet armed with a big black garbage bag. But now I have more photos, taken by our wonderful new landlord, of the house empty and all ready for us!
Giddy is the best one word I can use to describe my level of excitement.

Righto. I’m going to share, because friends have been asking and I know my parents would think it’s neat to see where I’ll be living. Plus seeing into someone else’s home is a fun sort of voyeuristic “Hey that is how people live eh?” sort of thing.

I’ll label them how they came to me from Judith. πŸ™‚ Β In no particular order:

Addition window in eating nook.

Hallway to back door

Back steps

Downstairs bath

Dining area

Downstairs bath

Pretty window!

Front bedroom

Front porch left side. (Do note the house is green, like my favorite and lucky colour! Fate?)

Front porch right side

Looking down upstairs hallway towards master bedroom

Master bedroom

Middle bedroom



Office/Downstairs bedroom

Upstairs bathroom

Upstairs bathroom

Washer/dryer nook

Upstairs hallway to other bedrooms

View out front window

View out living room window

Cute no? It’s a 1918 american foursquare home, roughly 1400 square feet, plus attic and basement (partially finished) so it’s quite large, especially for 2 people. Proof that you can find great things through craigslist ads. I haven’t seen the basement, attic, inside the garage or the living room (with fireplace yay!) yet, so there are still some great surprises in store. G is going to claim the room on the first floor as an office, and I’m going to pick one of the upstairs rooms as a studio space.

I hope these next 2 weeks fly by.


Comments on: "2 weeks until the Move!" (6)

  1. So much character. I love that stained glass window. And the porch! I miss having a porch.

  2. Wow, what a great house! Love the old claw foot tub! I can see you two living there for some time and settling in all cosy… Which room will be our room when we come to visit?:) You'll be there in no time!Your dear ole mum

  3. H'rayyy!!!! It's wonderful to hear the excitement in your posts. It's great for Gordon too! All of this is made possible because he's so good at what he does…and it shows. You're so good for each other.congratulations to the two of you!Love, Dad.

  4. Beautiful! (I love house photos. πŸ˜€ ) This is an exciting time. Enjoy every bit of it.

  5. oooh that looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

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